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Brand new school desks for students in rural Malawi.

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International Grant$

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We are proud to partner and serve with two global communities in Africa - The Sunshine Approach Foundation in Mozambique, and Pamoza International in rural Malawi. Both of these nonprofit organizations are promoting social change to improve the lives of children and families living in extreme poverty.


Gifted Scholars provides annual financial grants to support their education initiatives, enabling students to complete school, attend college, and have a better future!

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The Sunshine Approach Foundation creates families by placing widows and orphans together in a home. They provide for all their needs: financial, medical, clothing, tuition, and more! 


Education is key for the children to escape poverty. Only 1% of the children in Mozambique who start grade 1 will graduate grade 12. The children are given a boost by being placed in a local private school. 

  • Caring for 27 orphans.

  • Purchased 6 homes in the local communities; renovated and equipped them for orphans and widows.

  • Provide private school tuition for the children in the homes.

  • Currently building 7th house and looking to build an 8th house, as soon as the right plot of land is found.

  • Serve 40 preschool aged children through their Beacons of Light community programs.


The mission of Pamoza International is to share the Gospel and alleviate poverty and suffering through educational improvements, healthcare, economic empowerment, and food security.  

Pamoza recognizes that educating girls can change entire communities. They must not only empower the girls, but also the community leaders, to support girls' education rights, so that the whole community can thrive. 


  • Serving more than 8,000 people every year.

  • Running school breakfast programs, currently feeding 1,800 students every school day at 4 partner schools.

  • Running school farms to produce corn, soy, beans, and peanuts for school breakfast with the surplus being sold and the income invested into school-improving activities.

  • Educational Resources: Improving school facilities and providing learning supplies and materials, including solar lighting and school desks.

  • Supported students with scholarships to attend college and high school. High school is not free in Malawi.

  • Reached over 2,000 girls with Girls Rise Clubs. Promoting the education of girls by decreasing child marriages, engaging girls in leadership programming, and encouraging parents and village leaders to advocate for girls.

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