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Community Grant$

Philadelphia is the "poorest" of the largest U.S. cities. Our inner-city public schools are underfunded, inadequate, and unequal in educational resources and opportunities, to position students to succeed.  

As part of our community development initiative, we provide grants to local nonprofits actively promoting social change to improve the lives of underprivileged children and youth living in the community.

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2022 Black Philanthropy Month
$2,000 Nonprofit Grant Winner

 Dimplez 4 Dayz, Inc.

Dimplez 4 Dayz was started by 13-year-old Akayla Brown in 2016. Akayla is now 20 years old and continues her mission to empower the voice of the youth and reduce youth violence in Philadelphia.


Akayla's nonprofit provides resources and programs through her Dimplez Dreamz Resource Center. The center provides a safe haven for 30-40 children daily, mentorship, trips, internet access, and more.

Past Nonprofit Grant Winners!

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