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About Us

Our mission is to empower marginalized girls of color in the Greater Philadelphia area by providing them with equitable access to high-quality educational opportunities. We recognize that students in underserved communities often attend public schools that are underfunded, inadequate, and unequal in educational resources and opportunities. By offering support and resources, we aim to level the playing field and position students for success.

​​We are achieving our mission through our digital platform, which connects females aged 12-26 with life-changing opportunities in educational travel, STEM, enrichment programs, and leadership development. We offer college scholarships for girls locally and globally, sponsor girls for fee-based enrichment programs, and award grants to local and international nonprofits dedicated to promoting social change and improving the lives of children and youth living in extreme poverty.

We firmly believe that broadening exposure and access to opportunities beyond what's available in their immediate community will unlock the incredible potential of every girl. It allows her to dream bigger and aim higher, because her education should never be limited by her zip code.


Mission Statement

  • Online platform connecting girls with life changing programs and experiences to increase their education, knowledge, and leadership skills.

  • Award college scholarships to help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with gaining access, thriving, and graduating from college.

  • Sponsor girls who would like to attend fee-based enrichment programs to explore new activities, develop new skills, and discover their purpose.

  • Partner with local and international nonprofit organizations actively promoting social change to improve the lives of underprivileged youth, particularly girls.

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